chocolate frosting

Boiled Chocolate Icing

The chocolate topping is a delectable dessert that is actually simple to ready. Below you are going to find a basic recipe for the steamed dark chocolate glaze.


chocolate icing
Icing Recipe


Produces enough to deal with one 23 centimeters 9 in cake
275 g/10 oz wheel (superfine) sugar
100 g/4 oz/1 mug plain (semi-sweet) dark chocolate
50g/2 oz chocolate (no sweet) grain
120 ml/4 flounces water



chocolate frosting

Bring all the ingredients to the boil, stirring until well blended. Boil over medium heat to 108°C/220°F or when a long thread forms when pulled between two teaspoons. Pour into a wide bowl and beat until thick and glossy.

You will definitely like such a chocolate dessert. There are always ingredients for its preparation and the cooking process itself is very simple.

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Boiled Chocolate Icing
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