Japanese Desserts

14 Famous Japanese Desserts

From strawberry daifuku to yuzu frozen dessert, Japan makes a number of the simplest desserts within the world.

We invite you to find out in additional detail about the foremost popular desserts from Japan, which are appreciated everywhere the planet.

With these great recipes (and some patience within the kitchen) you’ll try Japan’s sweetest treats without even aged a plane…

1. Crispy cream puffs

The Japanese are extremely a fan of a chou or 2 also as indeed the ready-made varieties are just about everybody’s preferred. Make your very own power-puff deals with and loaded with cream when amazing.

2. Japanese cotton-soft cheesecakes

Soft, pillowy, and lightweight, Japanese cheesecake is extremely different from the western version. These beauties are topped off with cherry-flavored buttercream and raspberry sugar too… wowzers.


3. Japanese chocolate cake

The Japanese are respectable at copying a suggestion and also doing it better (see whiskey). Evaluating this specific development, it is the same thing throughout another time …

4. Yuzu ice cream

Yuzu, Asian citrus, is coveted by chefs around the world and wont to be hard to seek out outside Japan. Now you’ll even pip out in Sainsbury’s, which suggests this frozen dessert is extremely much an option.

5. Custard pudding pots

Reminiscent of the normal Japanese treat pain dessert, these silky-smooth sugar cream pots are to be enjoyed one spoon at a time.

6. Strawberry and cream roll

Earn your stripes this summer with this tiny masterpiece, made by piping alternative colors of cake batter across a jellyroll in… oh, the Japanese are clever.

7. Japanese dorayaki

Two soft pancakes crammed with sweet red bean paste… OK, you’ve our attention.

8. Japanese milky madeleines

Another French dessert did better by Japan. These seashell-shaped beauties taste of milk and honey… totally divine.

Most Popular Japanese Desserts
Popular Japanese Desserts
9. Dunkin' cat doughnuts

They do not quit doughnuts undecorated in Japan: actually, they provide they given them cute little pet cat encounters.

10. Environment-friendly tea hot cakes

Not your average hot cake, that’s surely … they’re eco-friendly, for a begin.

11. Castella birthday cake

Now a specialty of Nagasaki, the cake was originally delivered to Japan by Portuguese sellers within the 16th century … a timeless standard, then.

12. Piggy panna cotta

Based on the normal Japanese recipe, this Japanese-style panna cotta couldn’t be cuter if it tried. Oh dear… it seems like we’re investing during a piggy-shaped mold tray.

13. Mitarashi Dango

A conventional Japanese treat– these wonderful rounds of rice flour have been appreciated in Japan as long as the 17th century. Occasionally basic is finest.

14. Strawberry daifuku

Strawberries covered in Anko (sweet red bean paste) then mochi (glutinous rice). A modern-day interpretation of two classic Japanese sugary foods– also as my god, it functions.

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