Living a healthy lifestyle means making certain concessions. Whether you are seeking to lose weight, eat healthy foods for your heart health, living a vegan or organic lifestyle, or making changes due to diabetic needs, you are likely to restrict your diet in some way or another. Cake and dessert lovers need not despair; there is a wide assortment of healthy cake recipes that will allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth while sticking with the limits of your specific diet.
When faced with a need for a cake for a birthday, Christmas, or Halloween party, in which one or more guests have dietary concerns, you can make a homemade cake as easily as using a cake mix, while controlling what ingredients are actually going into the cake. Gluten-free, vegan, or diabetic recipes are easy to find, easy to make, and delicious to eat. Your guests won’t miss the traditional ingredients in these tasty desserts.

These recipes make use of alternative ingredients, like whole wheat, rice, or oat flour, tofu, and vegetable margarine to replace those ingredients you wish to avoid without changing the taste or texture of the cake. In fact, these ingredients often produce a more tasty, much richer cake than you might get when using a traditional recipe. Make one of these special recipes, and you may find your trademark recipe, even when you are not looking for alternative recipes.

Bake a diabetic cake or gluten-free cupcakes, and mark them as such, for your next bake sale, and you will increase your sales. Many potential customers won’t buy from a bake sale because of special dietary concerns. If you cater to these concerns, your bake sale will be more successful and you will earn more money. Most bake sales have little or no offerings that cater to these special needs.

Frost your healthy cake with healthy cake icing recipes. There’s no point in taking the time to make a specialized cake if you are going to frost it with processed frosting bought at a grocery store. Making frosting from scratch is easy and takes very little time. Once you have baked your cake, frost it with an icing made with low fat or low-calorie ingredients. Vegan icing is made with tofu, and sugar-free recipes are made with Splenda or other artificial ingredients. Follow the simple instructions, and you will have a rich, creamy frosting to top your homemade cake, creating a rich, sweet dessert.


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