You will find a lot of cake recipes on the blog. Perhaps because the cake is so easy to make, and you can often bake a delicious cake with ingredients you already have at home. Regarding the recipes, you can really go in all directions here. Most are real with flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. Because I think that is the most delicious basis for cakes. Although I also really appreciate a cake with olive oil! You will also find recipes for that. What more cake recipes can you find? Think chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, lemon poppy seed cake, the classic grandma’s cake, an apricot cake roll, strawberry cake with sour cream, coffee cake with walnut crumble, brownie cupcakes, yogurt cake or tropical cottage cheesecake and even a chocolate beer cake. Of course, I also have a lot of recipes for Christmas, Easter, and other holidays and even a few healthy recipes that allow you to have breakfast with a breakfast cake with red fruit for example. Enjoy all my cake recipes! And if you have any requests for any cake recipes, please let me know by emailing me. Who knows, maybe I’ll make it for you!





How to Make Meringue Cookies


Cheesecake is a sweet cake that you make from cheese. But then made from very young, creamy, and spreadable cheese (with a subtle taste). After preparation, nothing remains of the cheese flavor, you only taste a slight acidity in the taste. I love it a lot and that’s why you will find quite a few cheesecake recipes on my blog. Cheesecake is eaten all over the world and many countries have their own variety.  There you will find cheesecake recipes, both baked and unbaked. What both can do. I often hear a little fear in the voice when people start baking a cheesecake. I can understand why, but with my tips on how to bake a perfect cheesecake, it will all be fine from now on, promise! What do I have in the range? Think cheesecake recipes such as eggnog cheesecake, mini cheesecakes with salted caramel and pecans, blueberry cheesecake, sugar dough cheesecake with raspberry coulis, cheesecake brownie and even savory mini cheesecakes. But of course, I also have beautiful cheesecakes for the holidays! Such as a filled gingerbread cheesecake for Sinterklaas and a white chocolate cheesecake with cranberry and brownie base for Christmas. Enjoy all my cheesecake recipes!


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