Sheet Pan Size for Cake

Sheet cake size

This has got to be one of the most argued/debated/heated conversations I’ve heard decorators enter into about cakes. You may agree with what I have to state or not, and I’m okay with knowing that there are some of you out there who will say “oh, she’s wrong!” and I will just be quiet about understanding that I’m not! (just kidding.).

  Some of the best essential objectives of the chat after reading this, whatever skillet size you selected to make use of STAY WITH IT The absolute most terrible factor you can do is acquire your client bottom anticipating one thing and tweaking mid-stream without telling them.

  I believe the greatest item of suggestions you could reduce from this little ‘ad’– inquire your customers how many folks they need to work as resisted to simply taking an order for “a size piece cake” as well as likewise possessing them upset that they have way excessive or not ample covered.

What sizes I use:

1/4 sheet– 7 11– 1 mix

1/3 sheet– 9 13– 1 1/2 mix

1/2 sheet– 10 15 (or 11 15)– 2 mix

2/3 sheet– 12 18– 3 mix

full sheet– 22 15– 4 mix

  Why I utilize these dimensions: Back in the day” when bakeshops utilized to proactively utilize the tin aluminum foil nonreusable frying pans, the full sheet frying pan held 4 blends. Yes, I recognize this for truth after assisting with a fundraiser at my children grade school years back and they utilized claimed frying pans So, right here’s where the whole dispute entered play those pans are 24 18 (I utilized to offer them in my store as well as gauged one so no one can email me as well as a state I’m giving false details! So, why not make a complete sheet cake that very the same size??? It’s easy those nonreusable pans are not two inches deep, they are more detailed to 1 1/4 deep so while the real size may be the same, the depth is not. In essence, when giving a client a 2 inch tall 12 18 for a fifty percent sheet, or 2 12 18’s for the complete sheet, you are providing 50% even more cake than they utilized to get.

size of a cake
size of a half sheet cake

What size is a half sheet cake

  My following “factor of argument” I have yet to see a “complete sheet box” from any producer that is big enough to hold those two 12 18 cakes that some people insist is a full sheet. I’m not saying it’s not around someplace– just that the 4 different companies I order boxes from don’t have something. If that was really what a full sheet was supposed to be, there would certainly be 22-28 boxes easily offered– a minimum of in my ever so modest opinion.

  Once more, by the end of the day utilize what size frying pan you want to utilize– just don’t forget these 2 points: ensure you are giving a lot of portions your consumer needs! stick to determining size for your (fifty percent, qtr, etc.) pie to stay clear of complication along with your clients.

  Also regardless of whether you make use of a 12-18 as a one-half slab– this doesn’t indicate you can’t still sell an 11 15 birthday cake if your customer merely needs 30 servings (merely claim something like “my one-half piece is quite a bit more pie than you need to have, but I possess a smaller pan that will be excellent.”).

Satisfied cooking!

What size is a full sheet cake


It is much easier to reduce a one-layer half-sheet cake right into small, cool, equal-size pieces for a crowd than it is to reduce a square or round layer cake, which, at most, will certainly offer concerning 12 people.


The big area of a half sheet cake gives even more space for creating and also decorating than the smaller area of an 8-inch or 9-inch layer cake.


A dual-layer fifty percent sheet cake is typically one layer that has been “tortured,” or cut in half flat, yet it can additionally be 2 layers piled, which will generate much more or bigger servings.