Strawberry bavarois cake – Recipe

A rich base of almond financier, an airy filling of strawberry bavarois and a garnish of strawberries and chocolate: this summery strawberry bavarois cake is festive to look at and delicious to eat.

For this recipe I make a filling of strawberry bavarois, which is a light and cold pudding. Bavarois is French for Bavarian and this dessert is therefore also called a Bavarian pudding.

You can enjoy this strawberry bavarois pie with 10-12 people. 

Tip: for this cake I use a 24 centimeter springform pan and a 22 centimeter cake ring . The bottom shrinks slightly during baking and I like it better if you can still see the bottom on the outside. That’s why I use a slightly larger springform pan and stick out the bottom with a slightly smaller cake ring after baking. You can omit this step and make the cake completely in the 24 centimeter springform pan, but then you will see the bottom a little less well on the side. I use this acetate foil to ensure that the cake comes out nicely from the cake ring after building .

Make your own strawberry bavarois cake

Are you going to make this strawberry bavaroi cake yourself? The recipe can be divided into several parts. Think of making the bottom, making the bavaroi cake and building and garnishing the cake.

Making a pie crust

For the bottom of the strawberry bavaroi pie I use almond financier. The full flavor of the financier goes perfectly with strawberries.

Melt the butter in a saucepan. Let the butter continue to color over medium heat, stirring to a hazelnut-colored beurre noisette. This will take a few minutes. Keep a close eye on the butter, it will quickly go from hazelnut color to burnt and then you can throw the butter away. Pour the beurre noisette into a bowl and try to leave the sediment in the pan.

Mix the almond flour, icing sugar, flour and salt. Stir in the egg whites and almond extract and finally stir the cooled beurre noisette into the batter. Then let the batter rest in the fridge for 1 hour.

In the meantime, preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease a 24 cm springform pan with baking spray and line the bottom with baking paper. Spoon the batter into the mold and spread it evenly. Bake the bottom for 23-28 minutes until golden brown and cooked through. Then let it cool down.

Making strawberry bavarois

Place the strawberries with the lemon juice in a blender or food processor with chopping blades and blend until smooth. Put the whipped cream with the sugar in a bowl and beat it with a (hand) mixer with a whisk(s). Do not whip the whipped cream completely stiff, this will make it more difficult to mix the strawberry puree through it well. 

Place 3-4 tablespoons of the strawberry puree in a saucepan and heat while stirring. Remove the pan from the heat, squeeze out the gelatine leaves and dissolve them in the warm puree. Then mix this with the rest of the strawberry puree.

Fold half of the whipped cream into the strawberry mixture until well blended. Then fold the other half of the whipped cream into the mixture, trying to maintain the fluffiness.

Build Bavarian cake

Cut a round slice from the financier bottom using a 22 cm cake ring. Place the cake ring on a (cake) plate and line the inside of the tin with acetate foil. Place the almond financier in the ring and spoon the strawberry bavarois on top. Smooth the top and let the bavarois set in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Making strawberry mirror

For the topping, place the strawberries with the lemon juice in a blender or food processor with chopping blades and blend until smooth. Place ⅓ of the strawberry puree with the sugar and a few drops of red food coloring if desired in a saucepan and heat to boiling point. Remove the pan from the heat and dissolve the soaked gelatin in the warm strawberry mixture. Add the rest of the strawberry puree and mix well. Pour the mixture on the strawberry bavarois, smooth out carefully and let the cake set for another 2 hours in the fridge.

Garnish Bavarian cake

Remove the cake ring and carefully peel off the acetate foil from the cake. Place the whipped cream with the sugar in a bowl and beat with a (hand) mixer with a whisk(s). Place the whipped cream in a piping bag with a 1 cm serrated nozzle and pipe rosettes onto the cake. Garnish the cake with the chocolate flowers and flamingos and place some fresh strawberries in the middle.