The Difference between Biscuit and Cake

What differences are there in structure and taste when you compare it to cake, and when do you use that cake or the biscuit. I’ll cover it all today, it’s time for an explanation of the difference between cake and biscuit.


I probably don’t need to explain what a cake is, everyone knows that. You sometimes have a slice of cake and therefore know exactly what to imagine. Chances are that you have also eaten biscuit, but you did not know it was called that. That fluffy “cake” that comes in a cream pie? That is a biscuit, only most people do not call it a biscuit. It is probably already a lot clearer to you, but this does not really say what the difference is, of course.


You make a cake with sugar, butter, eggs, and self-raising flour. You use the same amount of each ingredient.


For a biscuit, you need eggs, sugar, and flour. I myself also use vanilla sugar and cornflour, but in principle, the first ingredients are enough. Besides that the proportions are different, the biggest and most important difference is that you don’t use butter.


That use of butter or no butter immediately shows the difference between a cake and a biscuit. A cake is fatter and has more flavor, a slice of cake in itself is very tasty. In addition, a cake is also firmer, more compact, and heavier than a biscuit. Logically it also fills more. That is again important for the applications, more on that later.

A biscuit, on the other hand, is very light and fluffy, but also has little flavor and can be a bit dry. You would rather not have a piece of that with coffee. A biscuit needs more to make a tasty pastry. A sponge cake is often sprinkled, which means that you use syrup or something similar to flavor the sponge cake and to make sure it is not that dry. After trimming, fill the biscuit with the filling of your choice to make a real cake.


As said, you can eat a cake without anything. Season it with additives and you have a completely different cake that you can cut a slice of. You actually only make a choice when you want to make a pie with filling. You often use biscuit for a cream pie or cake roll, although in principle you can also simply use a cake.

When I want to make a filled cake, I alternately use cake or biscuit. You can easily flavor a cake and match it with the fillings. You also only get a very powerful cake. A 15cm cake that you make from the cake is more than enough for 12 people. The same specimen with a biscuit base is good for about 8 people.

In addition to taste, I also let my choice depend on how many people I want to give a piece of cake. Do I want a more powerful piece made of cake, or do I opt for a fluffy biscuit cake?

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