cake layers

The Easy Way to Cut Cake

Baking a nice cake is one thing, the next step is to be able to serve nice pieces of cake or other pastries. Not a lot of misery because your cake did not keep its shape when cut.

Of course, it’s all about the taste, but the eye also wants something. I always try to cut my cakes and pastries as tightly as possible. Is a lot nicer in the picture of course, but I also like it better to serve. This is not difficult with many pastries, but as with the millionaire’s shortbread in the photo above, this can sometimes cause problems. A layer of hard chocolate with soft caramel underneath. You can see that it is really doable to cut tight pieces here. I give you my tips for cutting cakes tightly.


The most important thing is a good sharp knife, and one big enough to cut a point in one smooth motion. With a sharp knife, you are halfway, for the other half I have a simple trick. Namely hot water.

You turn on the tap and wait until the water is hot, keep your knife under the tap until the blade is also hot. Dry it with a paper towel and cut the cake right away. With a cheesecake, for example, you will notice that the knife slides through the cake with the greatest of ease. With a cake with chocolate topping, the knife melts the chocolate, making cutting a lot easier. Do not press too hard right away, give the chocolate time to melt through the knife, otherwise you will break the layer. Let the knife do its work, not your strength.

Are you going to cut a whole cake right away? Then it’s useful to fill a measuring cup with hot water that you can dip your knife in again and again. Then you don’t have to leave the tap on. Clean your knife in between, then all your points are beautiful and there are no leftovers from another piece above.

So, from now on you only cut very tight pieces!