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Tips for the Perfect Cake


I think a cake is easy and simple to make, but it turns out that there is enough that can go wrong. The fact that I don’t find it difficult is mainly because I have baked a lot of them already. Practice makes perfect and after various mistakes, you will automatically find out what does not work (and how it should be done next time). That is how I discovered almost all the points mentioned in this article, by making mistakes. Once you know these baking tips, nothing stands in the way of baking the perfect cake.

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A cake should, of course, be nice and creamy. A bite of dry cake that you do not get chewed is not a success. The cause of a dry cake is very simple: then it is baked too long and/or too hot. As a result, too much moisture has evaporated, which results in a dry cake. Then try it next time especially at a lower temperature and/or check the cake a little earlier to see if it is cooked.


A compact cake can be very tasty with certain recipes, but usually, you just want an airy result. A compact cake can have multiple causes. The first is too much moisture, for example from milk, eggs, or butter. A cake cannot then be cooked properly and rises, which ensures a compact result.

Another reason is too light a batter. Yes, you can. The too airy batter just collapses and results in a compact cake. In this article on Handy Baking Tips, I tell you all about it. But your batter can also become compact due to too much baking powder because it will also become too airy by rising.


This collapsed cake also fits the previous point a bit, the compact cake. Your cake collapses because of an airy batter, which is due to the too light beating or adding too many leavening agents. You can read more about this here.

A cake can also collapse if you open the oven too early. Your cake needs the heat to rise in the oven and thus become firm. You disrupt this process by opening the oven door. Cold air will then reach your cake and as a startle reaction, your baking may fail. So in the case of a cake, it collapses. Do you still want to open the oven to check your baking? Then do that as late as possible. I usually insist that at least two-thirds of the baking time should be on.

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I love a torn cake, it looks so nice and rustic. But from the many questions I get, I notice that not everyone thinks that. Many of you prefer a cake that is not “battered” from the oven. Fortunately, it is not difficult to bake such a cake, because it has everything to do with the temperature. Just bake at a lower temperature and then leave your cake in the oven for a little longer. You can read all about it in this article.


Annoyingly, you add pieces of chocolate to your cake, and then they have all gone to the bottom when cut. The same goes for pieces of fruit, cake, or other additives. This too can have several causes. Trick number one is adding some flour to those chocolate pieces, for example. Mix in a separate bowl so that all pieces are covered with a layer of flour, then you can add them to the batter. You can read more about it here.

Reason number two is that light-hearted batter. The too airy batter is not firm enough to keep those bits from sinking to the bottom. Compare it to the foam on your cappuccino. Your teaspoon (in the beginning) will remain on a firm layer of foam, if it is not firm due to too many air bubbles, it will sink through it.


Once you’ve baked that perfect cake, you naturally want it to stay perfect until you serve it. The most important thing is not to keep it in the refrigerator, because it will dry out. Furthermore, good packaging is important, I usually use aluminum foil. Here you can read all my storage tips.

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