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Wedding Cake Trends for 2020

Get ready for the most romantic day of your life. On your wedding day, every detail will celebrate your love but the day’s most memorable romantic touch will be your wedding cake. Guests will be admiring the cake throughout the reception. There is no more beautiful way to share what your wedding means to you. The first step is to decide which style of wedding cake fits you and your wedding.

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A question you should ask yourself before starting is, ‘Is it your priority that your wedding cake is aesthetically pleasing, or are you more concerned about the taste of your cake?’ Some wedding cake in 2020 designs have a significant effect on the taste of the cake as well as it’s appearance, for example, while many prefer smooth, finished look of fondant to icing, few prefer the taste and texture. In the same way, both edible flowers made of icing and real flowers have different advantages and disadvantages. You may also want to consider the kind of cake you will be using as it may affect your design.

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Couples today are free to choose what they want for a sweet to share and savor. The options are endless. Embrace the tradition, and then turn it on its modern ear; personalize it! Chocolate fudge interior with maple frosting carrot cake and cream cheese icing layers of strawberries tucked into hidden depths of lemon-vanilla cake with chocolate swirls and a hint of mint.

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The main trend for weddings 2020 is personalization in everything. And in food, too. The wedding cake stopped being just food a long time ago. It is a sweet masterpiece that evokes admiration and is the king of the party, Instagram, and all guests! Therefore, both newlyweds and pastries place increased demands on him. What ‘s he like, the most fashionable wedding cake? There are the best trends! Learn more about them.

This year makes certain to be one where visitors with a sweet tooth will without a doubt leave fulfilled. Along these lines, we set up together a rundown wedding cake thoughts for 2020 to get your mouth watering and motivation sheets populating!


Shapes are in style in 2020. Regardless of whether you’re enlivening your cake with designed lines or having a triangle-molded cake, geometry propelled structures will be a tremendous pattern this year! Minimalism, clear forms, strict lines everything is in trend 2020! If you think that within the framework of minimalism there is no scope for creativity and that such desserts look flat, you are very mistaken. By the way, whoever said that the cake should be round? What should it look like a cake at all? Irregular shapes are a trend in the trend! Intricate sharp forms are a neo-classic, a highlight that will set you apart from other brides who prefer mothballs classics. And also, a geometric cake is good because it is easier to proportionally cut into pieces! space cake

Stars are in the pattern!

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What’s more, we are not discussing superstar, yet about the most astronomical stars! When all is said in done, the space topic has cleared all the stylish circles of life: in design, cosmetics, at weddings, in stylistic theme wherever he governs the ball! In this subject, references are made to something unbounded: unceasing adoration and life. Concur, it’s exceptionally emblematic and sentimental for a wedding


Recollect when we said 2020 is the time of the sweet tooth? We weren’t lying! The excessive pastry bar is in and we.

cake trends
wedding cake trends

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The pattern for novel weddings has picked up force and requires mindfulness while picking everything about the festival: from solicitations to cake. The thought depends on the couple’s story, reflected in the possibility of ​​their characters. In any case, presently design isn’t licked triumphs, from which they are debilitated, yet a mix of confused, maintaining a strategic distance from severe recognition of the principles, obscuring the limits of one style.


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Time to draw out grandmother’s formula book since pies are digging in for the long haul! We saw this pattern begin to come to fruition in 2019, and it would appear that it’s staying put. Genius tip: If your relatives need to help with your day, ask them each to carry an alternate pie to deck out your sweet table!

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Cakes look like valuable gems in an area. The tasteful delight of such a treat is 100% endorsed! Envision if the cake glances stupendous in the photos, at that point how cool does it look in actuality Sweet bosses mimic a precious stone in a segment and make the hallucination that stone chips are going to sprinkle out of treat!

Ideas for 2020
Cake Ideas for 2020

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In 2020, the cake isn’t only a pastry. It resembles a craftsman’s canvas on which a baked good culinary expert makes workmanship. Utilizing an exceptional composition system, you can impersonate on the cake drops, splits, strokes, smears, and everything that strikes a chord to the love birds and the confectioner. Cakes-pictures additionally look trendy and new: they can mirror the couple’s associate history, offers, what’s more, to be sure any significant occasion.


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Gone are the times of the plain white cake.
In 2020, it’s tied in with adding a punch to the exemplary white cake pattern we saw in 2019. In case you’re going with a white cake, here are a couple of ways you can include that small a bonus!

We also advise you to pay attention to such options for decorating a wedding cake.