Western Wedding Cake Toppers

Many things go into making the perfect Western Wedding Cake Topper. The old fashion toppers were simple representations of the bride and the groom standing next to each other. Not so anymore. Nowadays the different types of toppers are only limited by the designer’s and customers’ imagination.

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Cowboy Wedding Cake
Cowboy Wedding Cake Toppers

Now you have the choice to choose a topper that will be more in tune with your personality. More and more brides these days are going for the non-traditional toppers which include fake pearls, flowers, and fruits. Some folks will match the wedding flowers with the ones found on the celebration cakes; of course, this will take a skilled and artistic baker to accomplish.

Western Wedding Cake
Western Wedding

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Going back to personality-based Western Wedding Cake Toppers, the selection will be made according to their personality, so the next question is deciding whether you are a fun-loving person, an outdoor type of person? Are you a serious or sentimental type? Or do you have a sense of humor and like to laugh a lot. No matter what your personality is, it is not difficult to find a cake topper that will fit your mood or personality. Generally speaking, there are 2 types of weddings the very elegant and formal types or casual, semiformal types. So basically the cake topper should reflect the different themes.

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Wedding Cake Toppers

If you are going for an elegant and formal wedding, then the toppers you choose for the cake should be made out of porcelain, ceramic, glass, and acrylic. Usually, the design will be simple and the color will be white or off white. If it is going to be an informal or casual wedding, then the toppers will most likely be made of plastic and will use lace or leather as decorative ingredients. Sometimes they will feature a bride and groom in a western outfit, complete with lasso and horses. There are more simple ones such as a horseshoe or cowboy hat. Specific examples of Western Wedding Cake Toppers would be “two trails come to one” Cake Toppers. This one depicts two riders coming together on their horses. Another example would be a “Trot together” cake topper, which shows two horses standing next to each other with heart-shaped linen encircling them.

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